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Link4 delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another, with nothing to install and no additional processes.

Link4 is seamless invoice delivery.

All businesses deal with invoices. If you receive invoices, Link4 takes away your data entry pain. There are no emails or PDFs to upload, no mobile apps to deal with - just the direct transfer of information that waits in your Xero draft folder for you to approve. Invoices are delivered instantly from other cloud accounting systems to Xero, saving both sender and receiver time and expense through a streamlined and automated invoice management process. If you create invoices in Xero, they can be delivered to your trading partners accounting system. This increases efficiency, cash flow and customer satisfaction. e-Invoicing with Link4 is the simplest way for small business to exchange invoices.

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Link4 + Xero

Link4 integrates seamlessly with Xero. Just connect with Xero and choose who you want to trade invoices with. When you create an invoice in Xero it can be sent directly to your customer’s accounting system. Invoices sent to you will appear within your drafts folder. If you want to log in to your Link4 dashboard for data intelligence, you can. Otherwise, Link4 will work behind the scenes to make your invoice processing seamless.

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