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Apps for Accountants that make it faster + easier to offer better advice + more services to your clients

ChangeGPS is a group of apps made specifically for Accountants to help them in these ways:

Faster + Better Advice - ChangeGPS uses Xero Practice Manager (XPM) data to create “instant” (5 min or less) client advice reports in colour with your logo. Reports include: Tax Planning Advice, Business Structure Diagram, Business Structure Advice, Annual Tax Summary, Annual SMSF Summary, Trust Distribution Resolutions and Company Dividend packs.

In addition to the above auto-prepared Client Reports, ChangeGPS includes these apps and resources to make things faster in your accounting business: Merge App (120+ letters and templates generated from XPM data onto your digital letterhead, Collate App (creates 1 PDF from multiple documents), and Resources (over 230 documents, giving you everything you need to offer, engage + advise your clients).

More Services - Our exclusive VPP method (Value, Plan, Price) helps to easily move accountants from Compliance up to the next step of “Compliance Plus” to give their clients the advice (they’re been looking for – and we’ve “cracked the code” to help Accountants to properly “monetise” their advice! ChangeGPS has “cracked the code” to help Accountants to properly “monetise” their advice. We’ll give you the pre-written emails and agendas to use the VPP method to help your clients truly appreciate the value of your services and agree to up front prices.

ChangeGPS was created by the award winning team at Change Accountants & Advisors, winners of the 2015 Xero Australian Accounting Partner of the Year award and the 2016 Institute of Public Accountants National Member of the Year award.

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ChangeGPS + Xero

ChangeGPS can be used stand alone, but Accountants gain massive efficiency when it is connected to Xero Practice Manager (XPM).

We read XPM client, group and relationship data to auto create Blueprint Structure Diagrams in less than 5 seconds, instantly set up all business entities + individuals in client reports, saving you massive amounts of time, create letters on your digital letterhead using client contact data – saving your admin team massive amounts of time, and create lists of services your clients use and don’t use – segmenting these to allow you to email marketing using Mailchimp or other marketing services.

Although Xero reviews each app in our App Marketplace, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.