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Get your invoices paid faster! Your FREE personalised Payment Page has smart features that save time. No subscription, just pay for transactions.

Your customers click Pay Now on your invoices and see everything they owe you. Get paid by credit card and direct debit without any payment mistakes. Payments for your Xero invoices can be automatically taken based on their due dates.You can choose to pass on surcharges, take partial payments, take deposits + more. You can also take a payment without an invoice on your branded Payment Page or with the Billpower POS app (credit card payments with no extra hardware required). No monthly or minimum fees - just pay for successful transactions.

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Billpower + Xero

Works with the Xero Pay Now feature by putting clickable payment links on your invoices, statements and emails.
Customers see all the invoices they owe you and can choose which ones to pay.
Surcharges - you can choose if you or your customers pay the transaction fees.
Deposits/Part Payments - take a prepayment towards a Draft invoice or partial payment towards an Approved invoice.
Automatic Payments - your customers can securely store their payment details and have invoices paid automatically on their due date.

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