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Simply approve the invoice and let Apxium get you paid faster with less work. A total receivables and customer payments solution for business. 

Apxium is the complete accounts receivable system for accounting firms and SMEs (>$750K TO). Apxium offers the lowest online credit card and direct debit rates for your business and fully automates your accounts receivable processes. The benefits of using Apxium are many, including, fully automating recurring billing offers, financial savings from lower credit card rates and bank fees, staff time savings leading to operational efficiencies, debtor day reduction and a far superior client experience.

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Apxium + Xero

Apxium fully automates your invoicing from Xero. Sending invoices, email and SMS reminders, with a payment gateway offering credit card payments and bank EFT. Your clients can make immediate and scheduled payments as well as pay via direct debit. The credit card rate is a flat 0.715%, while EFTs are free and you can set up both recurring and ad-hoc invoice payments directly from Xero, for Apxium to debit the client automatically. All payments are automatically receipted and reconciled in Xero. Paperless invoice funding is available for accounting firms.

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