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Gojee simplifies operations with its powerful end-to-end business administration and accounting. Built on Xero, Gojee is the ERP you’ve always wanted.

GoJee is ideally suited for business owners of small to medium sized businesses across a range of industries, who are looking to run their business more effectively and efficiently, reduce their admin time, and always know accurate business performance information.

GoJee simplifies business operations with its powerful end to end business administration functionality and full accounting integration

Built on Xero, Gojee is the ERP that your business needs. GoJee does all the heavy lifting for you.

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Gojee + Xero

Gojee seamlessly connects with Xero and links your contacts, inventory, services, employees, assets and organisation information.

Some of the key features include HR Management, Asset Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Sales and Contact Management, Job & Project Management, Products & Services, Manufacturing & Production, Reporting and Business Insights.

As an end to end solution, all of the relevant information is seamlessly linked back to Xero including quotes, invoices, inventory adjustments, contacts, and more.


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