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Commonwealth Bank Stream Working Capital

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Unlock cash tied up in unpaid invoices with CommBank’s Stream Working Capital, a new fully digital cash flow solution. For approved customers, Stream Working Capital links directly to Xero software for access to funds 24/7.


Stream Working Capital gives B2B businesses that sell on credit terms access to funds, secured by unpaid invoices they’ve issued to their customers.

The fully digital, self-service platform makes Stream Working Capital flexible, fast and easy to use. You can nominate invoices to lend against and draw down funds 24/7. It connects directly to Xero and gives you full visibility of your cash flow position across all the invoices you nominate for finance.

To get started, you’ll need a CommBank Business Transaction Account to get your invoices paid into and be issuing invoices of $15,000 per month or more to other businesses. Applications are subject to the Bank’s eligibility criteria. Terms and conditions, bank fees and charges apply.

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Commonwealth Bank Stream Working Capital + Xero

Stream Working Capital works with Xero to provide small to medium sized businesses with access to digital working capital lending. Once a customer logs in and sets up an account within the Stream platform, they will be asked to connect their Xero account. This connection (via an API) will pull the individual customers live receivables ledger (invoices) into the Stream platform. This invoice data is then used to make an assessment on the amount of funds that a customer could receive for a loan as well as manage the customer’s loan ongoing once approved. Should a customer no longer want to hold a Stream Working Capital loan, their consent for sharing their invoice data from Xero can be revoked.

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