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Unify and simplify access of your marketing performance to your financial data. Enhance productivity by combining marketing analytics with Xero. Maralytics tracks, measures and reports on sales, profit and customers results across every marketing activity, so you can maximise your marketing budget.

Maralytics is a performance tool that tracks, measures, and reports on all marketing activities in one easy to use platform. With many types of strategies and channels available, it is difficult to measure how effective any of them are.

Track all your marketing activities with ease in one place. Launch more effective marketing campaigns based on actual data, eliminating the need for any guesswork. Sales, profit, ROI%, customer numbers, costs are displayed for paid or free types of strategies.

It is simple to see the metrics to determine which marketing activities are working or not.

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Maralytics + Xero

Maralytics imports the sales value from an invoice or payment receipt to a connected marketing campaign, using the API pathway.

Key features of Maralytics include:

  • Campaign sales revenue
  • Campaign profit
  • Campaign customer results
  • Campaign ROI%
  • Customized reporting
  • Automated tracking of sales
  • Ability to track free and paid marketing strategies
  • View all channels & campaigns on one dashboard

The dashboard collates multiple data to give detailed information so you can easily track progress, report on performance, and share the results with your team to optimize your marketing performance.

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