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Custom integration

If you’re connecting applications to Xero or building your own, these developers are here to help

  1. 365 Digital Consulting

    SharePoint/Office 365 Integration with Xero API to achieve Quote/Invoice automatic generation for clients or Timesheet entry for staff payroll.
  2. 3Bit Solutions

    Custom software developers. Streamline your business - credit card processing, text messaging, reporting, automated emails, all integrated into Xero.
  3. A1CRM

    With A1CRM’s expertise in API integration, we can help you optimise, digitise and automate your business through custom Xero Integration solutions.
  4. Ahoy Ahoy

    Time consuming manual processes or data entry? We can help with deep integration between Xero and your systems.
  5. anacubist

    Plenty of Xero API experience. Integrate your system to Xero or we can work with you to write a product. Based in Wellington.
  6. Beyond Expectations

    We recognise the value of having data flow from one system to another. Use our cloud integration service - APICAL which allows business applications to talk to each other.
  7. BitNet Services

    We are strategic design consultants that are experts in digital experience, application development and integration in Data & Insights space.
  8. Bluehub

    Link your current systems to Xero. Get the time/cost saving benefits of Add-ons from your current systems. Live and portal integrations available.
  9. Cloudbased

    We develop cost-effective web applications that integrate legacy systems into Xero and other cloud-based platforms.
  10. Codium

    Adelaide based Xero experts. Codium is one of Australia's leading ISO9001 certified providers of custom software development and integration services.
  11. Coherent

    Bespoke systems and integrations for Xero. Based in the northwest of England. Technology agnostic.
  12. CRT Group

    South African based website, app & software development agency, we can create a bespoke solution to streamline your business using Xero.
  13. Custom D

    We understand the value of integrating Xero and the critical systems in your workplace. We're experts at using this to drive efficiency and visibility.
  14. Databuzz

    Certified FileMaker developers of custom business applications that seamlessly integrate with Xero saving your business time and money.
  15. DCode

    We don't offer an "off-the-shelf" integration for Xero - rather we work with you to design and develop an integration that suits your requirements.
  16. Definitive Systems

    DEFSYS is a Business Technology Company specialising in providing Data, Cloud Computing and Software Development Services and Solution.
  17. Dhir Infotech

    Perth based specialists in custom integrations and software development. At Dhir Infotech, we understand your business has unique complexities that require equally unique solutions. Talk to us about how we can perpetuate your business growth with seamless Xero integration.
  18. Digital Fusion

    A premier developer of custom FileMaker business solutions. Our plugin allows for the seamless transfer of information between FileMaker and Xero.
  19. Dynamic Solutions Ltd

    Auckland based specialists who will create and integrate custom software to Xero. Custom software solutions, consultancy and database design.
  20. EndGame

    Wellington based software developers with a breadth of business, accounting and UX experience. We built Spotlight Reporting, Xero Workpapers and PlanRight. We're here to help, so please get in touch.
  21. Expert Solution Technologies

    API experts helping you build custom / integrated solutions with Xero and other mid-market accounting solutions. Worked with many product companies.
  22. Flying Donkey IT

    Brisbane based company that creates Xero integrations to help you fly through your routine accounting tasks and creating reports.
  23. Foundation Data

    Certified FileMaker developers. Effective custom add-on solutions including web, mobile and desktop that effortlessly integrate with Xero and work the way you want them to.
  24. Global Office

    We help companies achieve their vision and gain a competitive advantage through bespoke web based solutions linked with Xero.
Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.