Phone App Ordering & Order Management System designed specifically for Food Service Wholesalers. Includes Inventory Manager. Innovative. Simple. Smart.

    Imagine arriving at work today and all your orders have been entered into your industry designed order management system? QuickB2B saves hours and hours of the day-to-day processes a Food Wholesaler goes through.

    Clients download your app (or the generic app) from the Google Play and Apple App stores. Orders are placed in minutes through their phone. Since your clients enter their own orders you eliminate errors.

    The Inventory Manager answers the question of what stock do I need to supply today's orders? At the click of a button purchase orders are generated and can be emailed straight from your tablet before pushing the data to Xero for supplier invoice matching.

    Picking Slips, Delivery Dockets, Delivery Run Sheets, Portion Control, Random Weights and very Complex Pricing are part of your system. Step through today's order processing before sending the data to Xero for invoicing.

    QuickB2B. Innovative. Simple. Smart.

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    QuickB2B Order Management System + Xero

    With seamless integration your Order Management System sends order data to Xero as invoices awaiting approval. Random weights etc are entered off before pushing this data to Xero so simply select them all, approval and leave Xero to do what it does best. Manage your financials.

    If you elect to make use of the inventory manager, purchase orders are sent to Xero making matching purchases with supplier invoices so much easier.

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    Les Hose
    As a moderate sized company, packaging and distributing a great range of yoghurts, dips, antipastos and cheese, using a manual stock control, ordering and distribution system was problematic to say the least. Switching to Q2B has revolutionised our business. The ease of use of the APP has impressed our customers, providing them with order confirmation, eliminating conflict due to human error and has streamlined our delivery scheduling and invoicing systems, improving cash flow. We were also impressed with the systems ability to adapt to any industry and product range. Also, the support provided by Q2B staff has been outstanding, any issues raised by us have been quickly addressed to ensure our system remains functional, the staff have gone to the trouble of working weekends if necessary to address issues. Best support ever. Would highly recommend Q2B to any food distribution company.
    Towfiq Jabbar
    We have been struggling with price list as Xero has only two options which is not sufficient for our multiple pricing options we required for our store (Example: Purchase, Wholesale, Retail, specials, fixed pricing and group pricing for some customer has multiple outlets). QuickB2B has resolved many issues not limited to the above. We are now working towards more options they are offering.. I have no hesitation to provide maximum rating as the cooperation and support from QuickB2B has exceed our expectation.
    Martin Fisk
    Developed by the perfect partnership of a local business owner, and his brother whose expertise is in IT, this platform and related app were created and customised to specifically meet the changing needs of our industry. With its advanced features including inventory management, stock alerts and repack options it is an industry leader in software. Over the last few months, we have been using the QPOD proof of delivery. It helps our delivery drivers with their delivery schedules and sends the POD directly to Xero. Its saving us so much time!! Currently we are setting up the QuickB2B digital stock module.This will save us even more time!! Cant wait!! They were there to help when COVID hit our business hard too. Thanks John and Heather for your support and amazing customer service.
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