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By Parakeet
4.94 out of 5 stars
Parakeet automates the payment and reconciliation of BPAY & EFT bills, including BPAY batching and adds early payment discounts to Xero invoices. Save time and effort by automating your BPAY and EFT bill payments. Enjoy the relief of customers paying your invoices early without chasing.
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October 2021
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Parakeet centralises and automates the payment and reconciliation of all your bills and invoices, straight out of Xero. For bill payments, you can either auto-pay your BPAY & EFT bills or receive a BPAY batch file ready for processing. For invoices, you can now add real-time early payment discounting along with direct debit & BYO merchant card facility options into your Xero invoices. 14 days free trial. Personalised on-boarding and support included.

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Parakeet + Xero

The Parakeet integration provides:

Automated Bill Payment:

  • Schedule, pay and reconcile BPAY & EFT bills using cards or bank accounts
  • Export BPAY batches for upload
  • Request early payment discounts from vendors
  • Earn reward points on card payments
  • Auto reconciliation of discounts
  • 1 click-n-transfer bank reconciliation

Turn static invoices into dynamic invoices with real-time early payment discounting:

  • Issue invoices with early payment discounts
  • Direct Debit included
  • BYO merchant facilities (e.g. Stripe or any local providers such as ANZ)
  • Choice of incremental or static discounts
  • Auto reconciliation of discounts given
  • 1 click-n-transfer bank reconciliation

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4.9 out of 5 stars
35 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Jesse Chapman
Posted 5 Mar 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Time Saving

Great product to save time paying invoices, great solution for BPAY bills which can be hard to process in Xero without Parakeet
Ashwini Saravanan
Posted 29 Feb 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Excellent product

Its a great product with amazing customer service. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product.
Claire Henderson
Posted 13 Dec 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Fabulous Product and Serivce

I had an amazing experience with this company! The customer service was top-notch, and the product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality products and excellent service

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By Parakeet
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