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You can edit and create invoices and bills and purchase orders and other transcripts in Arabic interfaces. You can also print all of that in Arabic.


Fawtarra is an arabic application integrated with Xero to help arabic companies manage their data in arabic interfaces and arabic reports.

With Fawtarra, you can also have a small payroll system that you can manage your employees data such as vacations, loans, overtimes and their salary slips.

You can easily view and create all Xero transactions like invoices and bills and others in simple arabic interfaces.

Important features in KSA companies that you can print all Xero invoices and bills in arabic with "Electronic Invoice" that government can impose on companies and institutions.

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Fawtarra + Xero

Fawtarra integrated with Xero to help arabic companies manage daily financial transactions in arabic interfaces and arabic reports.

All data displayed in Fawtarra is live from Xero, and all transcript data created on Fawtarra are directly transferred to Xero, so this will keep you up to date.

With Fawtarra you can create and edit invoices, bills, purchase orders, accounts, contacts, and others easily and fast with all arabic interfaces.

Payroll system inside Fawtarra transfers needed transactions to Xero to help HR department to compleate relevant tasks fast and easy. Employees salary slips, loans and overtime can all be utilised in the creation of invoices with Xero.

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mohamed ragap
5 out of 5 stars

برنامج سجل وممتاز


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