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Manu Online Ltd

4.75 out of 5 stars
An ERP application designed for companies in manufacturing or demanding material supply. Automate your business processes. For 5 to 200 employees.


Manu Online handles all your order processes, inventory and manufacturing. It also plans your operations and procurement. It is suitable for any size of manufacturing operation that is using Xero for accounts. A growing manufacturing company needs a good manufacturing system to grow successfully.

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Manu Online Ltd + Xero

Manu Online connects to Xero at the invoice stage. Your invoice processing procedures in Xero remain exactly the same except you no longer need to manually enter invoices; they are created in Manu Online and sent electronically to Xero. Invoices are built from order/delivery information and also from advance payments, time and materials (service work orders), periodic invoices (e.g. equipment rental) and direct (over the counter) sales. When an invoice is transferred it includes data for items and contacts. It is also possible to import items and contacts from Xero to Manu Online. This is particularly useful if you are starting to use Manu Online from an existing Xero account. Importing the chart of accounts and tax codes to Manu Online will set up the correct tax configuration on your Manu Online account. Finally import ongoing sales payment information so that you can control the credit limit and over due payment situation so that your users are warned before entering finalising sales orders or new product dispatches to delinquent customers. Although item data is exported to Xero, Xero’s tracked item feature should not be used because inventory tracking is being done in Manu Online.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Kyle Cox
5 out of 5 stars
Manu Online is a great platform for any company to implement.Our company has been using Manu Online for around 5 years and would recommend it to anyone looking to manage their projects and inventory. The setup is relatively easy and using the platform is even easier. The support team is incredibly quick and efficient when responding to any problems or queries and finding solutions to any user or company specific requests. All round Manu Online is a great company with a brilliant platform and excellent support, and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a comprehensive ERP.
Josh Morris
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using Manu Online since 2017 and it has greatly helped with material logistics.
Dean Kane
5 out of 5 stars
After thoroughly vetting many online ERP systems we decided that Manu-Online had the offerings we were looking for in a system. It is important to note here that we were changing our accounting software at the same time. So the selection process was not contingent on what accounting software we used (We choose Xero) and can intergrate with Xero. in 2017 we began the process of migrating from our old antiquated ERP and accounting software to Manu and Xero. First order of business was to get the systems in place and run systems parallel for about 4 months while we learned the systems and figured out how to implement internal processes into the system usage. We choose to spend an additional nominal amount of money with Manu to fast track the implementation. Which was money well spent. This was all done remotely through conference calls and goto meetings, not one site visit. Because of the level of support that Manu provided we were able to go live with both systems January 1, 2018. As expected we had some hiccups but overall the transition went smoothly and with no interruptions to business operations. As if that was not enough we had two key people that were power system users for Manu and Xero leave in the early summer time. Manu and Xero have been excellent regarding training additional employees to bring them up to speed on the systems. Manu required a lot more training to bring new hired employees to a reasonable knowledge level and I have to say they were excellent. James, Anne, Helena and the rest of the Manu team are always there to respond to helpdesk tickets usually within minutes of issuing a ticket. Even late at night I will get responses to my helpdesk tickets. This to me is invaluable. The support takes this package to a whole other level. You can't beat it. They are great. It is important to note that I am in the USA and there is a 6 hour time difference between the UK and I still get responses at 6PM EST in the USA. If you put the ticket in you'll get a response. Xero Chose a great partner when they partnered with Manu. The integration between my ERP system and accounting system works seemlessly. Do I have issues once in a while. Of course. Everyone will. But the difference here is you will get timely responses to your issues from knowledgeable system users that are friendly and care about the success of your organization. What more can a company want from a Software package.

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Manu Online Ltd
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Added in 2014


Australia, Canada, Global, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States


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