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ScaleXP helps companies close faster by automating subscription management, revenue & cost recognition. The system allows you to easily track deferred revenue, accrued revenue & prepayments.The platform provides the option to consolidate multiple Xero entities, countries, or currencies.


ScaleXP streamlines accounting processes.

• Fully automate deferred revenue recognition. The system contains a series of sophisticated text recognition algorithms which read all words on an invoice and allocate revenue according to the relevant time period. Revenue recognition is completely automated across quarterly, annual or even weekly invoices.

• Streamline accrued revenue. ScaleXP is the only tool in the Xero app store to provide an elegant solution to automated accrued revenue recognition. The system imports future dated invoices (those to be sent at the end of a contract term). Revenue is automatically allocated over the relevant term using all of the data and text on the invoice. Invoice modifications and credit notes are detected by the system and update the original transaction, ensuring that revenue recognition is always correct and fully aligned to Xero.

• Automate prepayments and expense recognition. Cost is recognized in the correct month, using the data and text on the bill. The system allocates cost precisely by day across any time period -weeks, months, years, even decades.

• Consolidate financials across countries, currencies, geographies, even accounting systems. Our instant drill down functionality allows you to click through instantly to any number.

• Integrate with your CRM data (Hubspot or Salesforce) to understand when deals have closed and are ready to be invoiced.

• SAAS or subscription companies benefit from a suite of automated metrics including net dollar retention, gross revenue churn, net revenue churn, net customer growth, renewals and upsells. Data is beautifully presented in graphs and charts which are ready to share with the business.

The system is designed to provide big company automations and analytical power to SMEs simply and affordably. The system will simplify your month end process, saving you time and making the process easier.

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ScaleXP + Xero

ScaleXP is a certified partner app that seamlessly integrates with Xero. Users can sync data daily or on demand. Revenue and cost recognition schedules are available in a click, providing a full breakdown by customer and invoice. Schedules can be downloaded to Excel or shared online.

Invoice or bill changes in Xero are detected by ScaleXP and automatically imported. Modifications are easy to track with built in filters, designed to highlight changes.

Data can be imported across any number of countries or currencies. Financial consolidation is completed in a single click.

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Tom Prince
5 out of 5 stars

Effortless SaaS Metrics

Thanks to ScaleXP we're now producing more insights, faster and with greater accuracy. The system is intuitive, user friendly and constantly improving. The team are super responsive to feedback/feature requests and introduced functionality to make us successful with the product from the outset.
Gail Ward
5 out of 5 stars

Data made visible - quick!

The speed and accuracy with which ScaleXP handled our invoice records and processed them for revenue recognition was outstanding and truly astounding. Our onboarding has not only been efficient and massively helpful, it has truly inspired opportunities to further deepen our reporting and insights. The responsiveness of the systems AI in detecting key data points will save a massive amount of resource in my month end processes, and mitigate the risks of fragile spreadsheets with large data-sets. A definite recommend!
Iain Coward
5 out of 5 stars

Revenue Recognition Made Easy!

Anyone managing a saas business using xero should really look at this app. It's powerful and clever, and is clearly designed to deliver real time saving solutions for finance professionals. The onboarding was process was extremely quick and professional. When I first saw the accuracy of the MRR calculations coming from invoice data in xero my jaw literally dropped! I'd highly recommend taking a look at this - I think it will take at least 2 days work away from my month end, and take away a lot of human spreadsheet error risk.

Response from ScaleXP

Thank you Iain; we appreciate your feedback!
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Added in 2021


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