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Roseanne Kirkpatrick

No Issues

We have been using Viberent for over 2 years and found that it integrates well with Xero. Any issues we have experienced I’m please to say that Viberent was quick to respond with support.
Richard Head
We found Viberent a very valuable tool to manage our rental equipment and invoicing. The system integrates very well with Xero and saves over 20 hours every month that is otherwise spent in manually tracking inventory and invoicing separately in Xero. It has also improved the tracking of our equipment. We strongly recommend Viberent for any business renting equipment.
Renee Klug
Our small hire business has grown so quickly we have had to implement a hire and accounting program in the past few months. We tired a few hire programs before we found viberent. Not only is the program easy to use with the ability to personalise so many areas, but the staff behind the program have customer service better than I have ever experience before. They happily go above and beyond to help us out (even if it is late night email and calls). The program works easily with xero and for once I am excited to push out quotes and reconciling the accounts each month. Renee dream.hire.design
Teresa Hay
We have been using RentalSaas for about 3 years now and we love it! It merges seamlessly with Xero and any time we have had any issues or needed help Siva has been awesome and so helpful! Teresa Hay The Zest Group WA
Ed Robertson
Product integrates well with Xero. Siva and the management team at RentalSaaS are accessible and responsive. Easy to use interface and good functionality.
Darryl Callaghan
Hi, We approached Siva at RentalSaaS (now Viberent) beginning of last year (2016) and decided to update our very old DOS based rental system (we've had for 25 years) to Viberent. Siva made it very easy and we emailed them a excel spreadsheet (of our equipment) and they loaded it into Viberent. After a couple of hours training and a couple of hiccups along the way, it's been 12 months now and it's the best decision we have had ever made. We no longer batch up our rental transactions and then invoice but we input the data direct (as we are selecting the gear) and then we post it into XERO. The client receives their invoice via email before they have left the our office. It has saved us alot of time and money over the year. Thanks. Darryl Callaghan PC Rentals Ltd
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