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Nagging Panda is an essential business tool for faster invoice payments and higher quote acceptance rates with its simple and effective reminder automation functionality.


We turbocharge invoice payment reminder functionality, giving you the most flexibility to differentiate between clients who pay timeously vs those that don’t. Typically, you’ll find “built-in” functions can only have one set of invoice reminders that either applies to everyone or to no one. Nagging Panda solves that problem. Plus, your quotes have never seen this level of automation before. Now you can generate more revenue without any additional effort or brain power. Nagging Panda keeps your communications automated while still maintaining the personal touch, that’s well-timed and executed perfectly every time!

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Nagging Panda + Xero

Nagging Panda integrates effortlessly with your Xero account. We use your Invoice, Quote and customer information captured and created in Xero to supercharge Invoice payment reminders and quote follow ups. Because we know the amount and due date of an invoice, or an expiry date of a quote, you can set up reminders before, on or after the due date all in one automated workflow. All our reminders are sent with with your original Invoice or Quote PDF created by Xero. Nagging Panda utilizes near real-time integration schedulers so that we stay up to date with you Xero Account, whether you are creating new Customers, Invoice and Quotes, or making changes and updates to existing Customers, Invoices or Quotes. Nagging Panda also stays up to date with Invoice and Quote statuses, so if you've marked an invoices as paid, added a credit note or voided it in Xero, Nagging Panda will update accordingly and stop all automated reminders associated with that invoice or quote.

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