Payroll & HR Software for 37 Africa Counties. Designed to provide multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language Payroll & HR solutions to organisations of all sized and industry.

    PaySpace Payroll Software & Services for Africa offers streamlined payroll management solutions that will increase data accuracy and processing efficiency. PaySpace is developed to provide multi-country, multi currency and multi-language Payroll Software & Services to organisations of all sizes and industry with an unrivalled footprint in 37 African countries.

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    Payspace + Xero

    PaySpace offers users the option to map the chart of accounts data from Xero Accounting into PaySpace when configuring their GL setup. This kind of mapping streamlines the data flow into PaySpace with ease and increases efficiency as users are no longer required to input account numbers manually, thereby eradicating any potential for human error.
    Users will also now be able to seamlessly publish general ledgers directly from PaySpace into the corresponding ledger in Xero. This functionality removes the need for downloading any files eliminating any security concerns of files lying around on personal laptops and also speeds up the publishing of general ledgers with real-time results.

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