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B2B Wave

By B2B Wave
5 out of 5 stars
Made exclusively or wholesale distributors and brands. Get your B2B ecommerce portal up and running with B2B Wave. Import products and customers, start getting B2B orders, and create invoices from B2B Wave to Xero in no time.
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November 2021
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Made for wholesale distributors, brands, and manufacturers, B2B Wave makes B2B order taking a breeze. Add your products and invite your customers to start placing orders.

Comes with features exclusively for B2B like:

  • Multiple price lists that can be assigned to customers
  • Private products and privacy groups for selective access to products
  • Private pages for providing content to select customers
  • Easy reordering
  • Enforcing minimum quantities and minimum order value rules

Additionally, with our sales reps module, you can assign sales reps to customers and let them manage their orders or place orders on their behalf through our Android/iOS B2B Wave Sales Rep app

B2B Wave + Xero

Here's how the B2B Wave and Xero integration works:

B2B ecommerce orders to invoices: B2B Wave has made it easier than ever to stay in sync with your customer. When a new order is placed, B2B Wave will send the order details to Xero to create an invoice. This process can happen automatically when every order is submitted or selectively on specific orders with the click of a button.

Customers: When an invoice is created, if the contact does not already exist in Xero, it will be automatically created. B2B Wave will also try to match existing contacts based on their company name and email.

Products: When an invoice is generated in Xero (from B2B Wave), if the product is not available, it will automatically be created. B2B Wave will also try to match existing Xero products based on their SKU/code or product name

Payments: When an order has been paid through a credit card payment in B2B Wave, B2B Wave will automatically create and associate the payment to the invoice for the matching order. If an invoice is marked as paid from Xero (for example, if paid through a bank), the 'paid' status can be fetched back.

Imports: B2B Wave can import products and customers from Xero. This process can be repeated as many times as required. Existing products and customers will not be re-imported.

B2B Wave also integrates with more than just Xero. Practice your automation creativity by using our workflow automation integrations directly connecting to B2B Wave's API.

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Ruth Casson
Posted 1 Apr 2022
5 out of 5 stars

For an amazing website and fabulous support try out B2BWave

I've been using B2BWave for our company website for four years. If you're like me and not very savvy with the 'back office' of a website and just want a friendly clean site for your customers to visit I cannot recommend B2BWave enough. Its very easy and quick to create the look you want and to populate your site. The guys in support are amazing and always go above and beyond. They are very indulgent of my array of 'novice' questions and give clear easy to follow explanations and support. I also can strongly recommend connecting your Xero with B2BWave. I was daunted by how to do this so the support guys at B2BWave did it for me literally within a few minutes and connectively has saved me hours of work. I particularly like the feature that orders placed on my B2BWave site can be imported as invoices into Xero with one button press. Fabulous!
Simon Ward
Posted 25 Nov 2021
5 out of 5 stars


Great software with a lot of features and very responsive and helpful support

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