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A simple to use inventory management system. Easily purchase, store and sell your stock and seamlessly link to Xero.

TidyStock will simplify and streamline the complexity within your core business operations from small to enterprise. Are you a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer with online sales or POS needing to manage stock, inventory, rental items and assets? Do you need to create and control assemblies/BOM's? Tidy will provide the needed power to control stock and enhance your efficiency and enable greater profitability. Make better, confident stock handling and management decisions through clear, accurate, real-time information with TidyStock.

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TidyStock + Xero

TidyStock takes care of your stock, inventory, rental and asset workflow cost and income detail sending the financial information seamlessly from TidyStock across to Xero through Tidy's simple mapping functionality. TidyStock provides control of your stock from stricter managed stock involving adjustments and stocktaking to more flexible unmanaged stock functionality for items such as consumables. Manage pricing tiers, margins, purchase orders and the receipt of stock and their ongoing location control in Tidy. Tidy provides your business the operational “heavy lifting” then sends to Xero what it needs to deal with the financial accounting.

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