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Customizable job scheduling and dispatch software. No-code software and apps that automate time-consuming scheduling tasks, gives real-time visibility and reports, sends customer notifications, route optimization, health + safety and more.

vWork’s cloud-based job scheduling and dispatch software is ideal for businesses managing complex or high volume jobs. It makes dispatchers and field workers more efficient, keeps customers informed every step of the way, and improves the bottom line.

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vWork + Xero

Connecting Xero to vWork will enable you to automatically invoice customers as soon as a job closes, including recording time and materials on invoices. With the integration, you'll get paid faster once jobs are complete.

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Brad Davenport
I emailed vwork with questions: - do you have phone support? no - what support channels do you have? email - what is the lead time to answer an email to support? 1-4 days Due to support via email only, I cannot use this app. AFTER POSTING THIS REVIEW, I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM VWORK (below): I hope you are doing well. We recently saw your review on Xero’s page about vWork. I believe there was a misunderstanding when we spoke last. The times I had sent to you wasn’t the response time, it was the defect confirmation times. vWork endeavours to respond to all general queries about the application within one hour during business hours. Business hours are currently 7:00 am to 10 pm NZ time, (and will shortly be extended to 7 am to 12 pm NZ time.) We also do offer phone support to diagnose complex issues. We just don’t publish that number to everyone. We also do have a phone number that creates a Zendesk ticket and we will call back within the hours stated above.
Mick Walsh
I use vWork in both of my business. Its very tangible and versatile for work order management, reactive call and Planned Preventice Maintenance. I have gained 20 hours back in my week through automation but have also identified stronger staff members and best value customers through automated reporting. Excellent platform to operate on. Excellent support services and the integration agent was excellent at refining and automating our processes's.
David Geisel
vWork has been a game changer for our company. Commenting on the software itself, it could be more responsive, the exports to csv could work better, and we would like more offline worker features. It is great though, it just has such a broad appeal, its a bit hard to figure out the best way to use it for your specific needs. Support for our company has been stellar. Commenting on the integration, I would like the invoice due dates to be pushed through to Xero along with the invoice date.
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