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Judah Kosky
Harvest has a lot of great functions and tools. Xero has a lot of great functions and tools. But the bottleneck of communicating between ALL of these functions and tools is suddenly bottlenecked by a minimal integration. I will say they do that well, but they are missing SO much more. What about creating an integration with approved expenses? What about creating an integration with approve subcontractor times?
Michael Agius Vadala
Is there a way of using the xero invoice numbering when pushing invoices from Harvest?
Nancy West
I've used Harvest since Feb '15 and Xero since Nov '17. I love them both—easy to use and huge timesavers. Harvest has changed my professional life and significantly upgraded my image to clients. It's awesome that I can check and enter time and invoices on any device & keep notes in my entries that help me schedule tasks from day to day as well as provide detailed invoices. My clients all have their own payment preferences—the ability to be flexible with what I can accept helps me get paid promptly. Xero has blown the useless Quickbooks out of the water for me. So much easier to use, but most importantly I can customize Stripe & Square transactions to reflect the client a payment came from. As others have said, the integration isn't quite there yet. Maybe what I've been experiencing is within Xero. I would love to find out what Harvest can do, if anything, to help resolve this issue. When I add the details regarding each check/client in bank deposits with checks from multiple clients (and Stripe payments from multiple clients deposited the same day) when reviewing/adding/reconciling transactions on my bank feed, Xero doesn't connect the individual check/Stripe payment entries with the Harvest invoices they're settling, creating pages of "overdue" invoices. I've been using Credit Notes to clear them, but this results in a duplication of revenue as the credit note amounts are added to the Sales account. This skews my income statements and I haven't found a way to exclude this account from my reports. I don't see any other way to deal with the overdue invoices and I just can't stand seeing that giant stack of "unpaid invoices" staring at me. Why can't Xero record internally that a Harvest invoice has been paid when it's part of a deposit with multiple payments? Entering those payments as individual deposits will cause reconciliation issues—they won't match the deposit transaction from my bank feed. Hiding the unpaid invoices from my dashboard would be the best workaround until this issue is addressed. But I can't do that. I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY that I switched to Xero from Quickbooks and I LOVE Harvest and the Harvest-Xero integration. There is room for improvement so both my bank account entries AND my financial statements will be accurate. I'm giving Harvest 4 stars since it has changed my freelancing life and saves me SO much time...but if you and Xero can fix this issue together I'll give you both 5 stars for sure!
Sasha Edmonds
HI, I'm a new client to Harvest but a user of Xero. We've been recommended Xero Projects, but it looks like Projects has a lot of overlap with Harvest, without the east timesheeting functions. Can anyone recommend whether it's worth having both Harvest and Projects?! Or one over the others? Thank you
Dan Phipps
Harvest is great but like so many others, I don't understand why the integration with Xero is only one way? Payments are recorded in Xero but I then need to manually update them in Harvest. If you can't get the payment information from Xero at least let me turn off the tracking in Harvest so it doesn't care if an invoice is paid or not, that way the information won't be incorrect in Harvest. The other pain point for me is having to apply the tax every time. Can there be a way of defaulting it please?
Victoria Kingyens
Is there a way to push just 1 invoice from Harvest to Xero? I have an invoice that is marked as unpaid, but it was paid. I can't mark it paid in Xero because it was already accounted for once in a previous accounting system - but I need the invoice in there. So, can I delete the invoice and send it again from Harvest to Xero?
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