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Fabien Gendron
Posted 22 Sep 2020
4 out of 5 stars
I've been using LivePlan for over five years - first for our own CPA firm and, as time went on, for clients as well. I really like its simple forecasting, dashboard and business plan drafting tool. So many forecasting tools have a sharp learning curve and overload of options/features - LivePlan shines by keeping it all simple and nimble. Might not be suited if for businesses that have complex inventory, deferred revenue, or such, but it does a very good job otherwise. I took a star off because I've had three or four instances (over those five years) where the Xero integration broke for no apparent reason and couldn't be restored or reset by our team. LivePlan's support has been able to fix/restore things in the background in all instances, but we've lost some days and had to reschedule client meeting for it. So, I wish they'd put a bit more resources towards having a 99.99% Xero integration stability.

Response from LivePlan

Fabien, thanks so much for your feedback. We value your input as a long-time user of LivePlan. I want to assure you that our integration with Xero is stable. From time to time some account-specific issues may come up that interfere with LivePlan and Xero successfully syncing. Our in-house customer advocacy team ( is highly trained, available, and always happy to resolve these issues if they ever arise. Thank you for being such a loyal LivePlan customer!
Karen Panckhurst
Posted 17 Oct 2019
5 out of 5 stars
Straight forward integration with Xero and it took very little time to find my way around LivePlan and use the Forecasting functionality. Would absolutely recommend it as a management tool.
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA
Posted 5 Jul 2018
Has anyone used Live Plan lately? If so what are your current experiences with it? Does Xero have built-in reporting equal to or better than Live Plan?
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Response from Xero

Hi Randal - this page is just for reviews on the integration (as you can only comment once), so you'll be best to post over in the Using Xero Connected Apps ( section where you can have a discussion with others :)
wilson taylor
Posted 21 Apr 2017
4 out of 5 stars
Live Plan is easy to use and allows to document different business idea into a visual format as well as share the ideas to your colleague. It got it with discount from here ( you can make the best business plan.
Jeff Singer
Posted 24 Feb 2017
1 out of 5 stars
I primarily use LivePlan for the Scorecard feature and the visual reporting but find it far too limiting. First, you can only go back two years of data based on when your "Forecast" date started. Why they would make the Scorecard related to the Forecast in any way like this is beyond me and why they would only limit it to two years of data is even more baffling. How could they think business only would want to see two years of data? There is also not much flexibility in the data and the ability to drill down further. For example the "revenue breakdown" has a nice visual pie chart of the top categories but then there is a large (in my case) "other" section.... it takes up about 50% of the pie chart... well, I can't drill down on that to see what the "other" is. There needs to be more flexibility and possibilities in viewing the data they are presenting. I've actually been using LivePlan for a couple years now but will soon be canceling. Since I was new to LivePlan and Xero at the same time, my data was new. Now that we are going on past 2 years together I'm running into the limited timeframe problem I mention above. It's really quite baffling... if the data is there (and it is) why limit the interface to only show me two years of the data?
Rob Mackley
Posted 7 Jul 2016
5 out of 5 stars
I've been using Liveplan with Xero for a few months now and love it. It's given me visibility about how we're doing against forecast like I've never had before and the business plan side of things is also great. My only suggestion would be for it to have some kind of auto match for mapping accounts as this was a little long winded. The live 'Scoreboard' dashboard and the way it brings in my Xero data is simply brilliant.
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