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Fast and easy-to-use cash management tool for making confident business decisions Help your clients make crucial business decisions with Helm's simple, flexible, and easy-to-interpret short-term cash flow forecast


Cash management is the number one reason business owners can’t sleep at night. Using spreadsheets for important decisions, like - Will there be enough money to make payroll next week? Is there cash to cover loan payments at month end? - is time-consuming and error-prone.

Managing money is integral to business success. While 80% of businesses fail within 10 years - 90% of businesses that manage cash survive (and can thrive!).

Helm and Xero work beautifully together to make cash management processes easy, fast, collaborative, and intuitive:

Scenario planning for every 'what-if'

How will inflation affect my costs? Can I afford to hire next quarter? What if I need to unexpectedly replace equipment? Is my team ready for this project? Test it all in Helm. Quickly and easily create unlimited scenarios so that you can understand what will happen if things do - or don't - go to plan.

Automatic data sync

Once set up, Helm automatically syncs with Xero. That means no more hunting for numbers in spreadsheets, and more time running your business knowing exactly where you're at and where you're going!

Planning accurate to-the-day

Eliminate uncertainty and second-guessing. With data pulled directly from Xero, Helm lets you see your cash position down to the day - letting you know the exact moment trouble is on the horizon

Purposeful data that makes sense

Don't waste time on numbers that don't matter. Analyze data on your terms and quickly make decisions. Helm's visual, intuitive, drag-and-drop displays help you quickly determine where your business is and where it's headed.

Plus with the Helm Health Dashboard, you can monitor the health of your business at glance and take action when and are exactly where you need.

Amazing Support

Helm was built by modern accountants with expertise in cash management and cash flow forecasting. There isn’t a question you can ask that we won’t know the answer to!

How does Helm compare to Xero’s Cash Flow Forecasting?

With Helm you can zoom in to the daily, monthly forecasts and out for a full year. Cash flow bumps are forecasted well in advance so big inflows and/or outflows can be planned for.

Helm let’s you choose what’s included in the forecasts - payroll? yes, annual taxes? - yes

Helm includes advanced forecasting predictions and customized forecasting features based on future plans.

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Helm + Xero

Helm and Xero work beautifully together. Helm scans your historical Xero data and uses this information to automatically create dynamic, forward-looking cash forecasts. Receivable projections consider how individual customers have traditionally paid. Payable predictions mimic how each supplier has historically been paid. Revenue and expense information is automatically populated based on past history. And with a highly intuitive interface, all of Helm's automated logic can be quickly and easily manipulated to your needs.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
4 Reviews
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Rob Brady
4 out of 5 stars

Pretty good

App does what is says. Gives a 12 month cashflow. Pulls in current AP and AR from Xero. Importantly, allows you to create rules, either based on precedent P&L import or you can create your own rules, eg for known future abnormal expenses or income. Good feature with the rules is you can make them repeatable for days, weeks, months and annually. Helm allows you to create scenarios based on % changes in existing cash inflows and outflows. Wish it did longer than 12 months and graphical display could be better. Numbers are accurate though and this is what counts.
Trinity Scott
5 out of 5 stars
This app is very straightforward to use, the customer service is superb, and it's not incredibly costly. You can pay to use it with one client or many. It was very intuitive to learn to use, and the set up doesn't take an overwhelming amount of time, either. It packs a big punch when it comes to advisory services for your clients who might be struggling with cash flow, and, let's face it, that's most retail stores, if not most clients.
Admin at Five
5 out of 5 stars
I'm a new user of Helm and am terribly impressed with the app (and the Helm team). What I like about the product: Accounting style approach, inter-connectivity with Xero, being able to personalize the app to fit my business needs. At the end of the day I'm getting an ACCURATE view into my company's cashflow. The cost is also very competitive and reasonable for the value provided by the product.

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