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Invoicing, Sales Orders and B2B. The ultimate platform to manage your incoming sales! SalesIn is the all-in-one solution for your Sales Reps, Showroom and B2B eCommerce needs.

SalesIn is the perfect solution for helping your sales reps out in the field. Packed with features such as real time visibility of stock levels, advanced pricing rules, products image galleries, sales histories and more. Whether you have sales reps on the road selling, or want customers ordering directly online – or both – SalesIn has got you covered!
Perfect for Sales Reps, Wholesalers, B2B, eCommerce, Van Sales, Trade Event Floor Sales and others

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SalesIn + Xero

SalesIn mobile sales App and B2B Ecommerce site connects flawlessly with Xero, fully automating orders. Customers and products from Xero sync with SalesIn, and sales flow back to Xero automatically. Integrating SalesIn with Xero makes the sales process in your business quick, easy and accurate, removing sales order re-entry.

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Added in 2015


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