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Confidently charge what you're REALLY worth. GoProposal enables accounting & bookkeeping businesses to price consistently, agree fees more confidently & to grow more profitably.

Our platform and resources are designed to grow your revenue, improve your profitability, save your time and deliver more value to your clients. These are the Key Features that will help you to do that:

#1 Dynamic Pricing - Dynamic Pricing removes all the guesswork and gives you a logical, profitable and consistent pricing methodology to use across all clients, with all staff.

#2 Client Facing Interface - Easily agree fees with your clients using our services menus. Your clients will love the transparency and immediacy that GoProposal brings to agreeing service levels & fees.

#3 Powerful Proposals - Never waste your valuable time again, producing another proposal. These are instant, automatic and designed to get clients to accept.

#4 Letters of Engagement - GoProposal produces Letters of Engagement instantly, automatically and dynamically comprised of the exact information needed.

#5 Full Branding Suite - GoProposal can be fully personalised to reflect your brand, creating a strong experience for your clients.

#6 Safety and Security - Yours and your clients data is protected by the highest standards of security we can provide.

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GoProposal + Xero

Set your tax codes & sync your Account Codes from Xero to your Line Items in GoProposal. When you produce a proposal, we can pull existing contacts from Xero or GoProposal can create new ones.

When the proposal is accepted, the draft invoices are created in Xero for you to approve.

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Karen Wright

Fantastic proposal and engagement letter software

Go Proposal allows you to produce professional proposals in front of your clients, greatly reducing the usual lead time and impressing the client. You set your pricing methodologies within the software based on a wide range of parameters e.g. turnover, number of transactions, etc, meaning that you price consistently and swiftly. As you'd expect the software does take some time investment from you initially to get things up and running as you need them, however the GP team are only too happy to help with onboarding and any questions. I find them very responsive, helpful and friendly. There are also frequently webinars to help you get the most out of using GP and on other related areas for your practice. I particularly love James' videos and inspiration. It's not a product that stands still either, they are continually looking for ways to add further value. The recent addition of OverSuite to help improve the quality of engagement letters and safeguard firms is a great example. You also get access to the GP Facebook group which is a fantastic resource. I've never come across such a group of supportive fellow professionals. We don't just talk about GP but all areas of running our practices. It's a great way to get advice and interact with others to know that others have likely experienced whatever it is you're going through. I highly recommend GoProposal!
Marelize Bott

I feel like part of the family

James and the team are phenominal. They are extremely generous with their resources and time. GoProposal has been a life saver for me as I had no idea of how to price my services. They have delivered beyond expectation and then there was the added superior service your receive and how they make you feel like part of their family. James gives unconditionally to the industry and I cannot say thank you enough.
Phil Ellerby

Wow of a product

The tools takes away the excuse for poor pricing. James is excellent, the team are excellent and the group of users/support network is excellent
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