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Confidently charge what you're REALLY worth. GoProposal enables accounting & bookkeeping businesses to price consistently, agree fees more confidently & to grow more profitably.


Our platform and resources are designed to grow your revenue, improve your profitability, save your time and deliver more value to your clients. These are the Key Features that will help you to do that:

#1 Dynamic Pricing - Dynamic Pricing removes all the guesswork and gives you a logical, profitable and consistent pricing methodology to use across all clients, with all staff.

#2 Client Facing Interface - Easily agree fees with your clients using our services menus. Your clients will love the transparency and immediacy that GoProposal brings to agreeing service levels & fees.

#3 Powerful Proposals - Never waste your valuable time again, producing another proposal. These are instant, automatic and designed to get clients to accept.

#4 Letters of Engagement - GoProposal produces Letters of Engagement instantly, automatically and dynamically comprised of the exact information needed.

#5 Full Branding Suite - GoProposal can be fully personalised to reflect your brand, creating a strong experience for your clients.

#6 Safety and Security - Yours and your clients data is protected by the highest standards of security we can provide.

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GoProposal + Xero

Set your tax codes & sync your Account Codes from Xero to your Line Items in GoProposal. When you produce a proposal, we can pull existing contacts from Xero or GoProposal can create new ones.

When the proposal is accepted, the draft invoices are created in Xero for you to approve.

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James Colvin

Changed my practice, continually impresses me

GoProposal for me is four things. First, it changed my practice and acted as a catalyst to expand, grow and just do better things for my clients and in being able to justify our worth. Higher fees has improved the quality of my life. Second, it's a symbol for how a good busines is run. Excellent customer service, continuous development, striving to improve and I feel if I could adopt 10% of the things GoProposal does to make its customers feel supported, I will be very happy indeed. Third, through James Ashford, there is a person who has been there and done that, and sits on both sides. His teachings and philosophy and critically his mindset augment GoProposal so well, those insights and thoughts alone are worth working with GoProposal. The awesome thing is his team are 110% on-board with his mentality, it's incredible and you feel equally impressed talking to the team. And last but not least, Oversuite has just been exceptional and the protections it gives accountants should never be underestimated. The risk mitigation that tool will give you is essential. Highly, highly recommended. I want all accountants to use this, so it validates the worth of our industry.
Mark Sweetman

Excellent product and company

James Ashford and team have created a great product and culture and have give great support to their customers - highly recommend for any firm!
Samantha Sinclair-Day

Can't rate highly enough

We've been using GP now for around 2 years and it has been transformational! We've really got to grips with our pricing (and making it consistent) and we are confident that all our clients are signing Letters of Engagement that are up to date and accurately reflect the services we are providing. We are also stopping scope creep and charging for the extra services we deliver. The team at GP are amazing; their support is fantastic and all of the videos and help that James provides has really helped our business. We wouldn't be without them
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