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Russell Hubbard
As a small manufacturing business, we searched and tested many accounting and MRP platforms and determined that Xero and Katana provided the solution we were after. So easy to use with impressive functionality. Super easy to integrate.
Carmelo Reina
After unsuccessfully trying other management systems we found Katana. As a new business we don't have a lot of resources however we have found that katana makes a significant reduction to our manual workload. By taking the orders from WooCommerce and now from our order platform via Zapier then automatically invoicing through Xero, we are eliminating unnecessary work that only complicated and clouded our operations. We are happy that Katana listens to what the users want and continuously improves their service to make our lives easier. Xero and Katana make a great combo which we will be using for the foreseeable future.
Rebecca Griffin
We have only just started using Katana and only found it due to us using Xero. We have found it really easy to import data and like how well it integrates with Xero. The online training and help section is excellent I would highly recommend this software
Yvonne Greer
Using both Katana and Xero saves me time. The integration was a breeze. No double entries. Sales and Purchases push right through. Highly recommend for Katana's and Xero's efficiency!
Bryan Taylor
Searched forever it seems to find an appropriate warehouse solution for a small globally spread company and found Katana. Good introduction to the product by the sales/service people and with some insights to their own work in progress, made the jump and very happy so far. Think it will be with us a long time.
Elaine Kochanowicz
Love Katana (easy to use and keeps track of inventory wonderfully!) Took us a while to get everything set up properly as we have been in business for 20 years and had a LOT of products/skus/materials. But Katana helped us every step of the way...had regular video calls with them every week for about 2 months while we got everything ship shape. But now we are all Katana experts and it's super easy to use now that we have all the back end done. Our shipping uses it every day and it keeps our inventory in real time since it connects with our Shopify store. We use it for purchasing as well and it works great. In addition it's been a life saver as we've created a system for re-stocking inventory because it keeps track of what we have, what's committed, and what's expected so that we know what we need to order for the next month. Katana works great with Xero. I use them both for purchasing/billing. Easily flip back and forth between the same purchase in each software. Easy to edit in Xero if I need to add shipping or something to purchase. Only problem we've had with Katana is sometimes the load time is slow or it doesn't record our changes immediately (sometimes have to re-load page to get the changes to go into affect.) This is not all the time but does happen. But overall it's a really user friendly platform and easy to understand and use and has kept very accurate track of our inventory.
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