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Martin Zych
Posted 15 Feb 2019
5 out of 5 stars
The team at Veryfi have built an awesome product. Saves tons of time, slick UI, and really cool overall. I highly recommend.
Laura Gallego
Posted 23 Oct 2018
5 out of 5 stars
One of the main problems we have when we go shopping is that the guarantee of the clothes we buy is linked to the receipts they give us, these receipts are some strips of paper that are usually made with an ink that does not exist in the days or it disappears. Therefore, the probability of losing our warranty is very high since the receipt is easily wrinkled, the ink is erased and the most frequent option that often happens is that we lose or lose it. Now in case I need to ask for a guarantee of my purchase or change a product because it does not fit my size, it is a completely easy task for me since the receipt is already registered in Veryfi at any time I can access it from the mobile application what guarantees me not to deal with headaches when looking for my receipt. To look for my receipt is as simple as searching for the name of the store or search for a category or tag that you have put. To conclude recommend 100% this accounting application that has a free version which makes it an option at hand for all who like to take a shopping without headaches
David Moorelow
Posted 21 Oct 2018
5 out of 5 stars
I'm in the Construction industry, started using Veryfi about a year ago when it was a simple and easy to use tool that allowed me to capture my receipts and submit those to my Xero account. Since then Veryfi moved from being a good app to The Best tool for expense tracking and time tracking for my whole workforce. I got all my 14 guys on the field scaninning all the purchase confirmations when they buy material and I will never miss a receipt again. Their OCR with Machine Learning captures all the information correctly in 99% of my scanns. I'm now saving thousands of dollars every month with theyr apps. + I have full transparance my guys are now have no excute to loose their receipts. I tried many different recipt scanning apps before, but chose Veryfi simply because their service is the Fastest and the most Accurate. 5-Stars app and SuperB Support team! - David
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Ken Westlin
Posted 26 Sep 2018
5 out of 5 stars
I started using Veryfi a few days ago and I'm already in love ❤️❤️❤️ Onboarded all my 18 employees to it already. Here is my little "pre-Veryfi" story: "Previously I tried many different expense apps, but to be honest they all sux... Those other apps advertise automation, AI and other buzz words but 'cmon AI that takes hours to process receipts and bills 😳? And when I asked those companies why it takes hours to extract data from receipts, the answer that I was always given stated that they have a long queue of documents and machines take time to process (HOURS!) and then real person has to validate that data. So basically someone in other country (they said it's India or Philippines) is looking into my Financial documents? I was shocked once I found that.... + they were still making mistakes when transcribing my receipts. In the epoch of Self-Driving cars we have people transcribing receipts + I have a huuuge security concern about their approach. I'm not going to call the names of those companies, but be aware that if it takes longer than a minute to process your receipt or bill, then it is done by human...." Anyway with Veryfi it takes up to 5 seconds to process bills and receipts, that's the real Innovation! Pros: - Super fast, under 5 seconds to process bills - Super Accurate, so far I didn't need to make any corrections, the AI gets it all right - Love the cropping feature in the app that removes the background and only leaves the document in the picture - Secure and HIPPA, GDPR compliant - UI/UX of the mobile app is Awesome - I'm not comfortable to give all my employees access to Xero, but they are all using Veryfi and our corporate cards, and now all the transactions flow seamlessly to our Xero account Cons: - Only deals with Expenses, I wish I could also push my income transactions from Veryfi to Xero Good job guys!! Hope my review will help you to get more happy customers like me :) -Ken
Theo Levonis
Posted 2 Aug 2018
5 out of 5 stars
I started using veryfi free version to start with. After a while though I chose to subscribe (mainly for storage of records). I have found them to be a lot cheaper than SquirelStreet, and yes I have to do a little work myself, but it is worth it. I look at every transaction I record. I make sure its category is relevant at the time of posting. And that I have used the correct payment method. My data is correct each day. And I love just emailing any receipts I receive by email off for processing—and they are processed almost immediately. And the fact that I have data stored in my dropbox for anytime access is fabulous and reassuring knowing I have a second cloud backup. I don't use the XERO integration YET! But I think that will be great to. I put everything through it, work expenses, groceries, cash at the markets—letting me look at my spending. (it's a bit frightening sometimes, but enlightening as well. I thoroughly recommend veryfi and Xero. Would love to squeeze in an extra star if I could. It has saved my a lot of money and has been a great way to capture small cash expenditures easily and reduce the risk of losing them.
Mat Watkins
Posted 2 Aug 2018
5 out of 5 stars
I have been using Veryfi now for over 6 months and to sum up my experience "I LOVE IT". This product saves me approx. 3 hours per month of data entry and reconciliation. Get a receipt, capture it with the app and add the description in the notes field... simple! The log book app is a must for anyone who wants to track milage that can be charged to customers, some further development of this so transfer of charges to Xero is still required, but I have found the developers both responsive and interested. Support is nothing other than superb! Give this app a go if you are a road warrior and want to track your expenses easily when you are travelling. I'm converted!!!
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