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Send unpaid invoices to an intelligently selected collection agency in just 3 clicks. Stop chasing invoices and get paid for your hard work.

CollBox's mission is to help business do more and worry less by making the process of finding a collection agency that you can trust as streamlined and transparent as possible. Businesses can let go of the stress caused by past due or unpaid invoices and focus on what they do best, knowing their collection efforts are in the best hands possible!

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CollBox + Xero

CollBox integrates with Xero to instantly import records pertaining to the Xero user's Accounts Receivable records (organization info, company/customer info, open invoices and relevant attachments) saving Xero users hours in data entry each week and eliminating costly human error. CollBox then guides the customer through identifying past due accounts/invoices that would benefit from being placed with a collections agency. The user selects the account(s) they'd like to place and CollBox matches them with the best fit agency within our CollBox Collection Network. Within seconds the user receives a transparent, up front quote from the agency (backed by our CollBox guarantee). Once the bid's accepted, CollBox does the rest from there! We'll keep the user informed of any progress made on the account and update them once funds have been recovered.

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