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An all-in-one cloud-based platform for magazine publishers, MagManager combines accounting with Xero with CRM, flat planning and marketing management.

MagManager is a cloud-based solution for magazine publishers. MagManager’s one of a kind system combines CRM, a state-of-the-art flat planning tool, as well as both an email marketing screen and a sales screen. With MagManager’s Xero integration, raising invoices and coordinating your accounting with your business has never been so easy. MM has everything you need to run your publication business in one complete package. Not only will MagManager make you feel as though your workload has been cut in half, but by definition our system is ‘easy by design’.

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MagManager + Xero

We have made Integration from MagManager to Xero seamless, allowing you to sync your financial data from MagManager to Xero.

Transferring Invoices from MagManager to Xero is easy. There are 2 methods to link Invoicing, via the Client screen or from the Invoice screen. Invoices created on the client screen will be transferred automatically to Xero and when you create a batch of invoices, click the Transfer button to transfer to Xero.

When an Invoice is marked as paid in Xero, it will automatically be updated as paid in MagManager.

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