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Leon Fleyshman

New tech evolution

Relay offers an evolution in banking. Experienced users will see some benefits immediately: great customer service, solid feeds, nice to be able to say to our friends that wire transfers are free, a single login for multiple clients, etc. Yes, there are some unfinished issues they are working on - and this is to be expected for new tech. As a business owner, I'm interested in a solid ecosystem, and simply want banking to work. We support Relay and genuinely like their service and people. Considering what they are trying to do, we are more than willing to experiment with them. All of us will benefit.
Joe Hand

I would love it to be functional

We've faced nonstop issues with Relay. I was excited about all the positive review here. But unfortunately we've not had the same experience. As a former software developer, its clear their team is not focused on the details. I've received emails with "NULL" in them when data was missing. They have counters screens that are regularly wrong (step 4 out of 3). Their international wire form requires you send an email to support to understand why it isn't validating, even if its just a character that isn't allowed. Our Xero connection randomly fails. Bills don't show up, leading us to miss payments. The only redeeming thing so far is their customer service is responsive.
Kimberly Erick

Relay is a Rockstar

Never have a broken bank feed, have more information to sleuth client expenses, easy ACH payments. I can't tell you how much easier it is with clients who have listened and opened their Relay accounts.
Savannah Fritts


Their customer service is top notch! They have great features for small businesses, capabilities for bookkeepers/accountants, and useful integrations
Andrew Campbell

A King amongst Banks

If you can get your clients to use Relay for their operating account(s) and keep their old bank just for savings, everyone is going to be so so happy, you may find yourself weeping with joy. The bank feed, the debit card management, the bill pay, the W-9 management, it's all so beautiful.
Steve Chaney

Relay Financial is the BEST!!

As the first US Xero Partner, I have tried many different apps in serving hundreds of customers. Relay Financial has been the missing piece for our firm. We are better able to serve our customers because of Relay Financial. Relay Financial provides a seamless process for payables and banking with Xero. It is an amazing banking service. The support is always timely and right on point. To all the outsourcing firms, stop looking.....Relay Financial is your solution for banking with your customers.
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