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Ana Lario

Buggy and no support

Half of the time the app doesn't work and when I need support they can't give it to me because they are not authorised, accountants... How did I suppose to know how to save all the expenses on the different categories?
Mark Spencer


Just started using this. Supposed to save time. We're finding it is buggy and rather erratic. Document scraping for things like Invoice number, Invoice due date which uses 'machine learning' is far from reliable or intelligent. Already considering looking for an alternative
Hayley Newton-Holroyd

Has deteriorated

I've used Hubdoc for the last 2 years and it has just deteriorated. The integration with Xero is really slow and it's full of annoying bugs. Recently single sign on with Xero has stopped working too.
Sarah Cotgreave


Does not always import seemlessly to Xero. Clunky interface.
Kieran Reeve

Slow and outdated

I tried to use Hubdoc to save time, however, I ended up losing more time due to how slow and unreliable hubdoc is. I hope things change in the future but for now, I wouldn't recommend Hubdoc to anyone.
Benjamin Cebon

Works sometimes but...

I really really want to like Hubdoc... but it just keeps disappointing me. Despite looking and feeling really clunky, It does work reasonably well most of the time, in the reasonably narrow range of things it can do. However, the point of a system like Hubdoc is that you use it as a system, for everything. Unfortunately, Hubdoc cannot handle everything, it can't even handle account credits / credit notes, so I end up using Hubdoc for some things, manual entry and filing for other things, and therefore end up with documents split between systems - in other words a mess! It's just not a well thought out product, and as I've discovered through a long list of support cases, it's no longer being actively developed and improved. I think Xero just bought them as a bolt-on, but it needs to be developed further and improved. I really wanted Hubdoc to work for me, especially as it's included in the cost of Xero, but at this point I'd rather pay more money for something intuitive that actually works consistently.
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