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Review your client's Xero data and catch all of the most common bookkeeping errors. Reduce labour costs while gaining an extra set of hands.

Accurate and high quality bookkeeping directly impacts a firm's reputation. The cleaner the books, the more clients are satisfied. However, as firms scale, quality tends to suffer. As a result, countless tedious hours are spent by Firm Owners and/or Managers reviewing their team's work to ensure accuracy. VERIFYiQ has created a proprietary algorithm that catches all of the most common errors and also provides recommendations on how to fix these errors. Imagine the time savings! Even more importantly, imagine the confidence your team can have in knowing none of these errors are slipping through to your clients.

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Simplify your monthly/quarterly File Review process by allowing VERIFYiQ to run a diagnostic that catches all of the most common errors. This allows team members to fix these errors before a Xero file is submitted for review to a manager.

Reduce training time by allowing VERIFYiQ to advise team members on how to fix these common errors. Combined with the automatic diagnostic, this feature can help a manager be up to 50% more efficient.

As your cloud firm grows, your remote workforce will likely grow as well. Accountants and bookkeepers shouldn't sacrifice quality over efficiency. VERIFYiQ keeps virtual teams in sync as you scale your business.

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