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Synchronize your Stripe charges, invoice charges, and charge refunds with all details

Automate bookkeeping by synchronizing SMBs Stripe charges, invoice charges, and charge refunds with Xero. Synder do it within seconds, and transactions are ready for reconciliation in 1-click without any manual actions! With all necessary details: items, taxes, discounts and more.

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Synder + Xero

After the connection, the app starts to receive all your ongoing or historic payments. Automatically sync it with Xero based on your custom configuration.

  • Syncs ongoing Stripe transactions directly with Xero
  • Imports old transactions into Synder to subsequently sync them with Xero
  • Flexible configuration of your custom settings
  • Unlimited number of companies for FREE
  • Reports with sync details and logs
  • Premium Support with different means of communication (in-app chat, email, phone)

Smart Functions

  • Roll Back function that secures your actions and allows to undo any sync with 100% NO harm to your data
  • Auto-Sync function to automatically sync ongoing transactions on the background
  • Auto-Create function to automatically create Customers/Vendors/Products/Services based on the transaction data Invoice function to automatically apply Online Payments to Invoices in Xero
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