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Etani Business Platform

Etani empowers accountants to deliver Power BI as a service to their SME clients with an out-of-the-box BI platform including reporting templates.

Etani is a leading reporting tool that;

  • Provides an out-of-the-box BI platform using Microsoft Power BI
  • Offers truly flexible and extendable reporting templates
  • Helps Accountants deliver Power BI as a service to their SME client base

By providing your SME clients with the best analytics software in the world, they have full access to live business insights simply by using their phone, tablets or desktop. You can extract data from third party SaaS software such as Xero. Then live data is streaming into your client’s dashboards.

Etani has created a lengthy list of templates you can use inside Power BI. These cover sales analysis, budgeting, cashflow analysis, and various other scenarios. This template library continues to grow. Instead of your client struggling to make their own templates for each aspect of their work, these have been created for them, saving thousands of hours.

Etani embeds your reports and dashboards into your own branded application. These are available on Desktops, iPhones, iPads, Androids and Tablets for your clients to use.

There are numerous benefits of using Etani.

  • Your clients don’t need a Power BI Pro account (at a cost of $12.70 per month per user) to use the business insights
  • You retain control of your IP
  • The client can’t take the Power BI work you have done to another accountant

Enjoy the power of the Etani Business Platform!

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Etani Business Platform + Xero

Xero Integrates seamlessly with Etani. Simply sign into Xero, select the appropriate Xero Organisation from the dropdown list and Etani brings you live data refreshed hourly.

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