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ROLL workflow management software is designed to manage leads, track projects, and give business owners real-time performance metrics that enable smart decision-making. ROLL is perfect for consultancies, graphic designers, web studios, engineers and other service-based businesses.
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Who ROLL is designed for: ROLL is designed for businesses that trade on time such as creative businesses, consultancies, digital agencies, civil and environmental engineers and other service-based businesses.

What ROLL covers: ROLL manages the full project workflow for a business from CRM, capturing leads and opportunities and quoting through to managing projects, tasks, costs, time tracking, scheduling and invoicing. Importantly, the software provides businesses with visibility on business performance.

Our point of difference: We provide functional software that is intuitive and straightforward. Not super complicated and ‘busy’. ROLL has an easy-to-use interface which teams love. It allows users to come up to speed with the software quickly, move fast, and spend less time on admin and more time on paid work.

Types of projects: We manage the three types of projects that service businesses use: “Fixed Fee”, “Time & Materials” and “Retainer” projects. Project management includes quoting, time tracking, cost management, task assigning, invoice generation, progress payment management and scheduling.

Custom data: If you have data that you want to capture that’s specific to your business, our super flexible custom fields functionality allows you to customise ROLL and capture that information. This functionality allows you to tailor the software nicely to your business needs.

Project and business performance: ROLL provides performance metrics on individual projects to ensure each project is profitable. From there, we provide business metrics to business owners and managers which assist with understanding how the business is performing and how the next 6 months are shaping up. This allows for data-driven decision-making based on real-time information.

Expectations: Employees of a business will generally see huge time savings around project management when using ROLL. Our underlying process is designed to be fast and efficient which means employees enjoy using the product and are more likely to keep it updated. Managers and business owners will get great visibility on how the business is performing and save time when it comes to end-of-month invoicing.

Summary: ROLL is great software for businesses that focus on getting work done. It is streamlined and provides the features you need and none of the stuff you don’t. It saves time and money by being smart, efficient and super easy to use. Our user base loves our fresh approach to this genre of software and the added value and savings that ROLL generates.

ROLL + Xero

With the Xero integration, you can create and send invoices directly out of ROLL. These then appear immediately in your Xero account—no need to switch to Xero when it comes time to invoice. Alternatively, you can start an invoice in ROLL and pick it up in Xero, finalise it and send it to the client.

All contact information is also synchronised between your ROLL and Xero accounts eliminating rekeying of client data.

Integration with Xero “Products and Services”, Xero GL Account and Xero “Tracking Codes” allows for streamlining of cost entering and enables the generation of quotes, and invoices quickly and easily.

Costs and Purchase Orders that have been entered into your Xero account can also be associated with projects in your ROLL account giving accurate visibility over project profitability and performance.

The combination of ROLL and Xero is extremely powerful. ROLL provides estimates of financial performance for the current month and forecasts revenue for the next 6 months. Xero looks at the previous months' actual revenue. Together you've got a powerful combination.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Posted 20 Jun 2023
5 out of 5 stars
great product and fantastic customer service / support.
Dianne Bowles
Posted 17 Sep 2021
5 out of 5 stars
Fantastic software. Enables me to manage workflow, time and financial management of projects, ability to see potential projects & outstanding quotations all within one app. It has given me much better insight into my business and consequently is improving both productivity and profitability.
Annette Sharp
Posted 1 Jun 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Best agency workflow and cost management software by far

We did alot of research on the available workflow models available in market before we decided on Roll, and exceeded our very high expectations. Roll is the best user centric software I have ever used in our agency. Kudos to the development team who clearly promoted the UE guy/girl to the top of the development chain. It is practical and thorough and considers all aspects of the costing and charging models. It made project management, workflow, finance, business planning and quoting accurate and easy for the whole team. And the support was beyond all expectations. I highly recommend it.

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