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    Build your free website with full shopping cart, then keep track with sale/order/cust info sync to Xero. Multi-level price enabled. No sales fees!

    Our website builder includes everything you need, to build your website and start selling online. Accept customer orders online, or make your xero inventory items available for purchase via your website.

    Features Include:
    Manage your inventory in Xero, or in our catalogue manager.
    Inventory optionally synced between Xero and Website World.
    Online sales imported automatically into Xero.
    New contacts automatically created in Xero.
    All contact data optionally synced in both directions.
    Optional client login to repeat past purchases and access special pricing.
    Payment status of shopping cart updated when invoice marked as paid in Xero.

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    Website Builder + Xero

    Our shopping cart lets you manage your inventory and sell online. All sales invoices are posted to Xero, and reconciled for payment status. We can synchronise your customer data, so you can send bulk emails to your clients.

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