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Trisha Simpson
Posted 9 Jun 2023
4 out of 5 stars

Sheetmetal Manufacturing

We have used TidyWork for a number of years. The details we can create for our projects and the tracking was useful to our needs and the integration with Xero made our internal prcesses so much easier.
Terry K
Posted 23 Jan 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Project Management - Time & Materials

TidyWork is central to our ecosystems and is an integral part of our business. Time & Material management is critical to our manufacturing process and Just In Time tracking is what Tidywork gives us. The powerful and well defined API allows for significant scaleability and connectivity to bespoke software and reporting solutions. The seamless integration to XERO allows for separation of authority and excellent corporate governance by ensuring that purchasing and accounts payable are separate functions. The API has allowed us to build real time reporting within the Microsoft Power Platform and visualisation tools through Power BI, transforming Tidywork into a powerful Project Management tool.
Sophie Jones-Kelly
Posted 12 Apr 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Scalable and Responsive

Our environmental management company have used Tidywork for over seven years. It is constantly updating and the team are excellent in responding to requests for help and even new features. We use Tidy to manage up to 100 employees and thousands of projects. We have not found anything that combines payroll, project management, budgets and tracking profitability. Linking timesheets to project tracking has been invaluable for us as it ensures employees times are entered without reminders or doubling up meaning project tracking is accurate and live. Seamless invoicing into Xero with a range of options for type of details on invoice. We are seeing our business able to scale up and down with Tidy and are confident in Tidy as our business grows to over 100 employees in coming year.
Terry Ozanne
Posted 22 May 2020
3 out of 5 stars
Reporting side of Tidy needs a lot of work
Asim Shah
Posted 7 Oct 2019
5 out of 5 stars
We have been using TidyEnterprise in Kenya since 2013 (when it was Procision+) and seen it grow. I've not come across another platform that helps discrete manufacturing and project management move away from paper, spreadsheets and general chaos. We handle between 20-50 projects at any one time and TidyEnterprise ultimately is the only way we're going to monitor profitability per project and overall. The development team has always listened to our requests and discussed in great detail about how our workflows on the ground are compared to what they designed against and vice versa - they are definitely a team working customer-centric as opposed to churning out a product and wishing you well on how to make it work for you. I remember one interaction I had with the support team and realised that some things in this platform are not just there for the sake of it - they are extremely well thought out! Integration with Xero was easy and the information exchange is without hitches 99% of the time. I'm glad that the integration allows Tidy to focus on the core of what it does and leaves the accounting to Xero - the combination is effectively an ERP with a good amount of flexibility so that you can still run your business the way you want.
Anna Valk
Posted 18 Sep 2019
5 out of 5 stars
I Have been using this program for years now, its great, we don't use it to its full potential tho, it is great for getting jobs on before we start them so that we can follow them thru to invoicing in xero, never had any major problems, - any small issues the help team have been so helpful!!
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