IRS-authorized e-filing software for businesses of all sizes. Easily file and manage your 1099, W-2, 94x, ACA, 990, and tax extension forms.

    1099 filing couldn’t be simpler with TaxBandit’s interview-style e-filing process. We take out the headache and help you get back to what’s important: growing your business.

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    TaxBandits + Xero

    To file your 1099 Forms, TaxBandits’ IRS-authorized e-file software integrates with Xero, offering users quick way to import and preview their 1099 reports before transmitting their returns directly to the IRS.

    TaxBandits also offers innovative features like: printing and postal mailing, state filing, extension filing, prior-year filings, corrections, and much more.

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    Lee Prinkkila

    Great Choice

    I am a pro - so I set up accounts with 8 different provides and TaxBandits offers the best solution for a CPA. I was able to offload this work to many people to file their return easily. The 941 option gives great reminders for the 1 time payment S-corps.
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