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Jodie Middleton-Clark
Due to the way we pay our employees - "not in hours", Tanda is not that entirely suitable. Other set backs are, internet accessibility in remote areas on job sites and some employee's understanding and difficulty of how to use apps on phones. Although have found the "Onboarding" an ABSOLUTE WINNER. We have many new casual employees every week and this has been invaluable way to getting their correct details quickly and then its pushed through to Xero. Even though we cannot use Tanda to is full capacity, Tanda should seriously think of just having an "Onboarding" package for businesses like ours - Shearing industry (shearing of sheep).
Account Bright360
Tanda for Xero payroll is excellent - admittedly there has been a few teething problems in the beginning as we have three stores, one of which has a different pay structure. Tanda support team were fantastic, their response time was pretty much instant. They really held our hand the whole way. This has saved us days in rostering, processing timesheets, clarifying payroll and financial reporting. It really has been a game changer. Cannot recommend this integration enough. Thanks Tanda
Renee Thompson
We are in the final stages of our custom build and setup for Tanda use. I have been very happy with the IT and general support we have received so far. Considering we have over 100 employees and a rather complicated EBA to build from, nothing has been too much for the Tanda support team to tackle. We are confident we will be running our first live pay run next period and can rid ourselves of our current 2 day manual payroll process.
Leigh Reid
One of the businesses I manage already had Tanda in use when I started in my position. I found it easy to learn and easy to use. There support is also fantastic. We are just in the process of installing it in the second business I manage.
Brent Carraill
We have been using the Tanda time clocks app to capture staff working hours for the last few months. The Tanda software accurately records employee working hours and seamlessly exports the data into Xero with the press of a button. This has cut down on manual processing time and has added value to our business.
Lydia Ryabtseva
We trialed a couple of options for Staff Management software and finally decided on Tanda. Our business has 17 to 25 employees, salaried, full timers, part timers and casuals. We have never regretted this choice as not only Tanda meets all our needs with rostering, budgeting, Awards, electronic time sheets, payroll integration with Xero, automatic pay rates updates, etc, etc, but they also have an absolutely amazing customer and technical support teams. We had a few hiccups on the way and Tanda team have never given up on us regardless how minor the task was. It also integrates with POS data that helps us to see when and where we need more or less staff involved. Tanda are also constantly working on improving and adding new, very helpful features. I honestly think that Tanda support team on its' own can be the reason to go with this software. I have no hesitation in recommending Tanda to any business.
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