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Joe Tadlock
I just read ADP's review and Paychex is no better. When we were on the SEO platform, our payroll support was very good. We have been running benefits, HR, 401k, payroll, time clock, General Ledger module with so many mistakes, lack of follow up, providing totally wrong responses to questions (not understanding simple questions) and they like to send canned answers to our detailed questions. Example: Why was a check cut then credited to our bank account, why were taxes taken out twice on the same check, what is the breakdown for non-detailed costs? These questions are for one specific transaction with responses from them like "please review the Cash Requirements report". WE ALREADY DID THAT!!!! This is why we followed up with you!!!! Under the SEO platform, at least the payroll specialist would answer the phone 50%, but under the PEO platform they never answer and we still have over a dozen open issues. Now it seems we cannot even turn to the competitor after reading ADP's reviews. WOW!!!! Please be careful when walking into these services. Allerion Consulting Group, Inc.
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