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G-Accon for XERO
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Brian Pulsipher


I've used this solution for years and have loved it. Any problem or issue I've run into the support has been exceptional and they remedy me a solution within a business day. I plan to be a customer for a long time and I recommend this to friends, family, clients, and associates.
Ray Helmke

has made reporting a doddle

This is a great product, we use regularly to create reports for clients, its amazing to think of the time its saved me and clients, it has made automated reports using google sheets and data studio a doddle. It's also a great tool if you have multiple xero accounts and need consolidated reporting. The support helpdesk is very responsive (Thanks Yelena) and Andrey is a fantastic developer, providing quick fixes and additional features.
Melinda Byerley
Why Xero doesn't just buy this company and create better dashboards, forecasting and data analysis tools is beyond me. But I'm so glad they are here. They stand behind their product and it works. When you combine G Accon with the power of sheets you really can make Xero's data into the financial dashboard of your dreams. Superb, responsive, and helpful team. Thanks, Yelena, for all your help!
Juan Visser
The team does an exceptional job. We requested a customer/supplier analysis in foreign currency and they build it as an standard feature. Customer Support is the best of all the applications we tested. We are rolling this out as an standard add-on to all our clients.
Rayhan Aleem
We are testing this software and can say that we are enjoying using it more and more. The team are very helpful and friendly too!
Luke Carroll
I've only been using this a few weeks, it's been very useful so far but still discovering how it works. I wanted to post some quick feedback for the team though. I had an issue where a report field wasn't pulling through, so I emailed the support team and they fixed it on the next update - very personal service!
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