Performance, culture, engagement analytics for your team. Improve your team performance. Quickly connect to WorkflowMax for Billable Hours and more.

    Everperform puts performance on autopilot for SMEs. We simplify the process of collating and analysing your employee data by centralising it in one place.

    We help SME Leaders and Managers select the playbook that best suits their team, which will ensure the best combination of performance metrics are being captured.

    These performance metrics include categories that go beyond traditional approaches, because the old way simply doesn't work. Everperform includes all of the metric that are important to your people including engagement, confidence, capability, growth, leadership and more.

    Our iOS and Android apps make it easy to keep up to date while you are on the go!

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    Everperform + Xero

    "Connect Everperform and WorkflowMax to view the key performance metrics for your employees in one place. View the lead indicators of performance like mindset and confidence, mapped to billable hours and more. You can view individuals, teams and your overall organisation.

    Everperform provides meaningful analytics and insights for your team at anytime. Make better decisions and have meaningful conversations with your people."

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