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Alex Ingram
Excellent software, makes reconciling Amazon with Xero so much easier
Cenk Tukel

Works like clock work and does what it says.

We are an accounting firm and using A2X to bring efficiency to our work. After the initial setup, it just works great and the support is good - though can be faster. It is very difficult to manage Shopify and other stores without a tool like A2X and it makes our life very easy. Worth every penny for the time efficiency it provides.
Keerti Patel

Oh the ease!

Once you have gone through the initial set-up, the ease of importing draft invoices into Xero for you to reconcile against is just blissful ;) Though support can take time responding (which i think needs to be worked) the response they provide is effective and useful. I am speaking as a business owner using Shopify, and if you have a busy Shopify account honestly it is a no-brainer to add this app to your Shopify/Xero account. The time you will save will certainly allow you to be lucrative elsewhere in your business.
Tamara Harrison

A great time-saver

I use A2X to integrate Shopify with Xero and love the time it saves me and the accuracy.
Michael Newman

Confused with eBay Managed Payments?

We were but integrating A2x into Xero has solved all our issues. Can highly recommend this product if you have issues reconciling your ebay payments.
Sally Hartfield

Excellent product

Really helpful and streamlines accounting when using Shopify.
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