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Recommend apps to your clients

Help your clients succeed and simplify app advisory with one-click app recommendations to your clients, right within Xero.
Advisor recommending app to their client.

Recommend apps within Xero to help set your clients up for success

With one-click app recommendations, you can make life easier for your clients and deliver advisory service offerings, all in one place.

Strengthen your advisory services in one click

Apps can play a key part in helping businesses become more efficient and achieve continuous growth. Recommending trusted apps within your clients’ Xero accounts means you can strengthen client relationships and offer more value.

Build tailored combinations of apps

Create combinations of apps tailored to each client to suit their industry, business sizes and needs. Update and change recommendations easily as your client’s business evolves, so your advice is always valuable and actionable.

Deliver advice where your clients take action

Toggle on your app recommendation in one click and it’s surfaced right in their Xero account with a dedicated ‘Recommended by your advisor’ section, so they can trial or connect your recommendations in seconds.

"[The Xero App Store] allows us to look at various apps and decide which we think would be of most use for our clients."

Michelle Williams, Director of Rowe Partners
    Michelle Williams Director of Rowe Partners
    Michelle Williams Director of Rowe Partners

    How to recommend apps to your clients

    Easily recommend the right apps for your clients' challenges or areas for growth directly within the Xero App Store, and see them automatically surfaced to your client.

    1. Login to your clients' organisation and head to the Xero App Store

    As long as you have an advisor role in your client’s Xero account you’ll be able to recommend apps to them via the Xero App Store.

    Login to recommend an app

    2. Choose the app you want to recommend and do a one-click recommendation

    Once you’re in the Xero App Store, simply navigate to the app listing you want to recommend. You’ll see the ‘Recommend to your client’ section right at the top of the listing page, click the switch to toggle on the recommendation. It’s that easy.

    Recommend app toggle on

    3. Your recommended apps are surfaced to your client

    Straight away, your recommended apps will be added to your client’s own ‘Advisor recommended apps’ collection. They can access this collection either at the top of the Xero App Store homepage when they're logged in and through their ‘My apps’ navigation drop down. 

    From there, they can easily see every app you’ve recommended and can get started trialling and connecting apps, or just read more about the apps you’ve suggested.

    If a client connects to one of the apps you have recommended, it'll no longer show in this collection, but will show in the ‘Connected apps’ section under their ‘My apps’ drop down.

    Recommended apps surfaced to client in Xero

    4. Easily manage your recommendations

    Want to change the apps you’ve recommended or add to the list?

    You can access your ‘Advisor recommended apps’ collection any time you’re logged in to your relevant client’s Xero account. Simply navigate to the Xero App Store and look at the ‘Recommended to your client’ collection at the top of your homepage and click ‘See all’, or find them under the ‘My Apps’ navigation drop down. 

    Once in that collection page you can ‘Remove’ your recommendation in a single click, or you can go into the app listing and toggle your recommendation off, and have it updated for your clients’ immediately.

    Manage Advisor app recommendations

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    App advisory playbook

    Kick-start your app advisory services

    New to app advisory? Feel confident recommending apps to your clients and grow the advisory arm of your business with our step-by-step app advisory playbook.
    Get the playbook
    App advisory playbook
    Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.