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Marc Moncrieff

Really awful

Despite the reviews below. I tried it and it was so messy, and the online help anything but, that I went back to exporting a CSV from iZettle, making an iZettle bank account in Xero and importing the statement lines using the Xero statement import template. Why these can't be merged with the Paypal account I do not know? I now have money cascading from iZettle --> Paypal --> UK Bank Account in Xero. Lucky accountant...
Ben Landregan
Can anyone tell me why sales figures from izettle have started coming through gross inc VAT when they previously always came through net?? I can't see anything I can change in the settings, or that has changed. But in August my P&L started showing the gross amount rather than the net and I need to change it back. Thanks
Stephen Surgenor
Never before has one app caused me so much manual work. Because of the inaccurate nature of the cash accounting feed used by iZettle to feed daily sales into Xero and the lack of products being fed across I was left with multiple unpaid invoices. No one from Xero or iZettle is remotely helpful on the matter therefore I have ended up manually creating a spreadshett using the invoice template in Xero which has taken around 30 hours only to find out that you can't even bulk delete or remove payments from the invoices iZettle has uploaded on my behalf. This is going to be another 20-30 hours work to remove them and that's not even including having to upload the new ones and reconcile them correctly. An embarrassing attempt at integration.
Byrne Harris
Izettle itself is excellent. I could not give it a higher reccommendation. As far as integration with XERO goes, oh my god no. I have literally been trying to get the two accounts connected for 4 months now. Both companies say I should try and resolve the issue with the other company. The customer support with izettle is really quite terrible. It took 2 weeks to find someone who understood that gmail was the same as googlemail and deign to respond to me. Izettle are owned by paypal, giving them a near monopoly so I am just waiting for the sudden increase in charges.
Tim Hopkins
iZettle is a superb mPOS solution, it is perfect for coffee shops and small retail stores. Once connected with Xero, iZettle will send all of the transactions as a daily sales invoice and you can add an iZettle as a 'bank account' too. The integration is much more reliable than it used to be as I rarely hear about missing items or duplicates from my accountant now :)
Sharon Pocock FCCA
iZettle is a great mobile card reader in it's own right, but it's EPOS features are perfect for small hospitality and retail businesses, even market stalls. It gives you a free EPOS app, with which you can record all your sales (not just card). The beauty of this is that 10pm every night, iZettle automatically sends your daily sales to Xero, including VAT and payment methods. The best EPOS integration I know of! We love using it ourselves for card payments (also customer not here payments) and have lots of happy clients using it, and saving themselves loads of admin and bookkeeping time :)
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