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All-in-one website platform. Sell both online and in-store. Sell products and tickets. Manage inventory and orders. Seamlessly integrated with Xero.

Everything you need to set up an online store, manage stock, accept payments & process your orders.
Use our point of sale to sell in your shop or at a market this supports both product and ticket sales. Use pricing tiers to sell to different customer groups, e.g. retail vs wholesale, member vs non-member. We natively support physical products, digital/intangible products, tickets, donations and subscriptions.

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Airsquare + Xero

An invoice and customer is instantly created in Xero for every online or in- store sale. No more manual entry, exporting or mistakes.

Each sale in Airsquare has a corresponding invoice which can be easily found and reconciled in Xero.

Any item (product, ticket or donation) in Airsquare can be matched to an inventory item in Xero.

Stock is then synced between the two, giving you an accurate stock on hand / COGS.

We've built Airsquare to manage tax, discounts and rounding exactly like Xero does. Everything is in complete alignment.

Your customers get a branded invoice attached to their order confirmation / receipt email straight away.

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Jacqui Allison
Very impressed with Airsquare's integration with Xero. Have had a couple of small issues along the way where they stopped talking properly, but the Airsquare team was incredibly efficient at getting in touch with Xero to resolve the problem (which I note, was on Xero's end, not Airsquare's). I'd recommend Airsquare to any business looking to get online - small businesses especially, as the support far exceeds what you'd expect from most platforms.
Adam Willemse
I would say Xero and Airsquare is just about related, they just about finish each other's sentences they are so in sync. Solid support. 99.9% uptime. My business has a solid small cult following, so I don't know how changes would or Have 1st hand experience in order issues, such as refunds or changes to invoices etc. would go. So far so good. https://www.barleygreenvitality.com
Simon Kingston
I'm involved in 2 Airsquare websites, and find it a great mix of having the core behind the scenes coding etc taken care of for you, with mostly enough freedom to concentrate on your own content and look. And I like the idea that I don't need to worry about what website technological changes may be coming up in future years - as Airsquare will take care of those. Dave and his support team have been helpful and friendly to deal with - and when I've made a couple of improvement suggestions for the integration with Xero - Airsquare have been able to implement them pretty quickly. I would echo another comment in that dealing with the reconciliations from Stripe (payments) could be better, and would love them to have another payment option where we could use existing merchant accounts with our bank and the lower payment fees. However the automatic invoice creation in Xero is great, and a big help in eliminating manual entry mistakes. If you're already a Xero user and considering updating your website - or improving your order workflow - then definitely take the time to look at Airsquare - you can make use of their free trial period to test it out. Simon www.forestgourmet.com (https://www.forestgourmet.com/)
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