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Ryan Hamill
Wonderful integration with Airpos that sends my sales reports off to Xero every evening at 12 o'clock, fully automated!
Rich Bamber
A great integration between Airpos & Xero, saved me many hours of work. I would like to see a sync now button to further reduce the amount of time I spend balancing the books so to speak!
Sean Gerrie
Really accurate, easy and useful Integration between AirPOS and XERO. The articles on AirPOS Knowledge Base are very useful as well. Keep up the great work guys!
Trina Cooper
Once I updated my AirPos it was easy to intergrate Xero. Love how it syncs and saves time for me and makes my accountant happy!
Art Care Education
Our experience of integrating xero and airpos was quite difficult though we were told that our problem was unique. It took a little while for airpos to successfully send invoices which delayed our set up. Airpos were extremely supportive in resolving the problem but xero did not understand the problem because they didn't understand how airpos worked. The Xero and Airpos integration now works well, our current dilemma is how to translate the PayPal fee in to our accounting system!
Anton Smith
Our experience with the AirPos Xero has been easy and hassle free. Did not take long to get my head around and has made life easier for accouting.
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