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Gregory Sellars
I recommend MRPeasy to anyone looking for a powerful and flexible MRP. I have used other Tier 1 MRP systems previously, and constantly impressed with how capable MRPeasy is compared to it's much more expensive counterparts. It has been very intuitive the learn how to use, and support has been excellent on the odd occasion it was requeired.
Paul McNeill
I have been using MRPeasy for 2 years in Melbourne Australia. it is a great affordable product which we integrate with Xero an Shopify. We use multiple currencies and have items fully outsourced and partly outsourced. It takes a while to get your head around the multiple aspects of the software, but it does pay to watch all the videos and if needed use the customer support tickets (sent from within the software) to ask a question on a direct issue- they reply within 24hrs. Good value and good service.
Neil Maree
Johannes Einarsson
Have been using this software for just over 2 Years now. We tried a lot of options to manage our manufacturing part of the business and this by far was the best and most streamline option. Customer support is great. The intergration into Xero is amazing with a lot of customization. The Xero integration between MRP Easy was a huge factor for us as it allowed us to move finished goods between MRP easy and our main inventory platform for selling on our website 2 Years down and many more to come
Sadath Mirza
MRPEasy has been very effective and precise for our operations. Having a clear view of different aspects of the busiiness in real time keeps us on target. The interface is simple and easy to use with excellent support. Really commend the people behind the software for a wonderful job. Keep going!
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