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By Nimbla
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Invoice insurance that can help your business expand into new and existing markets, secure invoice funding, and protect against insolvent customers.
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Nimbla invoice insurance works like trade credit insurance. This provides protection if one of your customers doesn’t pay their debts. If a customer does not pay due to bankruptcy or insolvency, your Nimbla insurance policy will pay out the outstanding debt. With Nimbla you get flexible and affordable access to trade credit insurance on a per-invoice basis, meaning you only pay for the protection you need and don't have any recurring fees. So, should your worst nightmare come true and a buyer goes bankrupt, Nimbla will pay out.

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Nimbla + Xero

By securely connecting your Xero account, you will always be able to see your latest invoices and the credit risk associated with them in the Nimbla app. We use our unique technology to analyse your invoices in seconds and give you instant access to the predicted payment date and the credit risk of all your invoices — free of charge. This allows you to easily identify which invoices to insure with the click of a button.

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Lee James
Posted 24 Mar 2020
1 out of 5 stars
The concept of Nimbla is great in theory but falls short in practice. The service and portals are quick and easy to log your invoices that you wish to cover, and quick to take the fee for covering. And you go happily on your way safe in the knowledge that you are covered from a potential problem. However, when disaster strikes and finally your customer goes to the wall, then the Nimbla process starts to shine light on the smoke and mirrors. Nimbla use a partner insurance company and Nimbla client manages your relationship with that insurance company. And the information requested is over the top and time consuming. The time between requests increases more and more. You up having to chase and chase and chase to try and get paid and your made to jump through hoops.....which is exactly what you may well have been put through by your original customer. So if you are going to use Nimbla, be prepared to wait for any claim to materialise. Be prepared to put in a lot of extra time and effort to get your money and be prepared to face further cash flow difficulties in the mean time. It may be in the best interests of such a service to be tardy. Think about it.....if cash flow problems are passed around to their end clients/claimants through delays in claiming, then these end claimants may not be able to pay their own creditors on time, making those creditors twitchy and they may perhaps look to insure their own debts through Nimbla in the same way. A self fulfilling model. My advice, use Nimbla with heavy caution and try to determine a formal (contractual) payment time line before you sign up. That way, at least you will be able to charge interest on late payments they make, once you have jumped through all of the hoops they toss in your way
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