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By Datarails
5 out of 5 stars
Datarails is a financial planning and analysis platform for Excel users. It automates data consolidation, reporting and planning, while enabling finance teams to continue using their own Excel spreadsheets and financial models.
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May 2022
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We believe the finance team of every company holds the key to unlocking the strategic value for their business. And we believe that Excel is an irreplaceable tool for finance teams.

But we also know there’s a problem with that.

The problem is that while Excel is great for spreadsheets and financial models, it’s not so great for data consolidation, repetitive reporting processes or financial planning and analysis. That’s where Datarails steps in.

Automating these time-consuming manual processes paves the way for finance teams to spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it. It also empowers them to answer essential strategic questions like what their organization can do to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

The flexibility of Excel. The power of Datarails.

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Datarails + Xero

As your business grows, your needs change too. Unlock new insight by combining your data in Xero with the capabilities of Datarails to give you the tools for what's next. Whether that be data and entity consolidation, foreign currency, or advanced reporting. Bring together billions of data points for one source of truth without removing the flexibility of Excel. Know you can rely on built-in visualization to help keep collaboration strong, while Datarails' dedicated in-house FP&A customer support provides significant business value and short, serviced implementations. Join our customers currently integrating Datarails to Xero.

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Scott Osmon
Posted 19 Dec 2022
5 out of 5 stars

DataRails - Xero Integration

The official partnership between Xero & DataRails now allows us to integrate our accounting data into a powerful FP&A tool!
Jihyun Jin
Posted 8 Dec 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Seamless integration from Xero to DataRails

Official partnership with DataRails allowed us to easily integrate our Xero instances into the DataRails platform
One person found this review helpful.
Almero du Pisanie
Posted 21 Nov 2022
5 out of 5 stars

DataRails integration

We have done this integration with Xero and it works perfectly to get our actual financial information into DataRails.
One person found this review helpful.

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Payment Servicesshared from Xero to Datarails and from Datarails to Xero
Accountsshared from Xero to Datarails and from Datarails to Xero
Budgetsshared from Xero to Datarails and from Datarails to Xero
Timesheetsshared from Xero to Datarails
Tracking Categoriesshared from Xero to Datarails
Reportsshared from Xero to Datarails and from Datarails to Xero
Currenciesshared from Xero to Datarails and from Datarails to Xero


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By Datarails
Added in 2022


Canada, United Kingdom, United States




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