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5 out of 5 stars
Collect customer payments effortlessly; Upflow provides rich cashflow analytics, powerful collections workflows and a state of the art payment system to help you get paid on time.


Upflow is a simple and powerful SaaS solution to manage your accounts receivables and improve your cash collection.

Get started in 1 click by connecting Upflow to Xero.

In only a few minutes, Upflow provides you with:

  • rich analytics to understand your cash flows (aging balance, DSO, etc.)
  • systematic yet personalized workflows to recover past due invoices
  • streamlined payments for your customers.

With Upflow, make better business decisions through an in-depth, real-time view of your accounts receivable.

Explore all features of Upflow

Upflow + Xero

Upflow synchronises with Xero in only two clicks. Within minutes, we'll begin securely importing your customers, invoices, payments and credit notes.

Once the initial synchronisation is complete, we'll maintain the data up to date in real-time. And any payments made through Upflow will be automatically added to Xero.

We've designed the integration in such a way so it's really easy to set up, and also really easy to disconnect if you'd like - Xero will always remain the source of truth for your invoicing and accounting data.

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Nicolas Godin
5 out of 5 stars
Upflow is a fantastic product that we use every day. The cool thing is that you can put Upflow in the hand of everyone because it's well-designed and simple to use and understand. In short, your business team will own the DSO like never before !

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